Malaika Sujeet (@thegirlonautopilot) is an illustrator and visual artist who looks to the world for inspiration, but prefers to look inwards as she creates. She is perpetualy on the look out for new avenues to learn as an artist and contribute to meaningful projects. She has experience in the fields of illustration, book design, comic art, graphic design, traditional art and branding. With a background in media studies, she went on to do her MA in Authorial Illustration from Falmouth University. Although a self-proclaimed nomad, she currently lives in Dubai with camels wandering in her backyard (She swears this is not an exaggeration). 
Illustrator - Mohalla Tech. Pvt./ 2021 - present
Residency Production Assistant/ Art Dubai International Art Fair/ 2020
Artist - in - Residence/ Budapest Artist Residency (BARTR) / 2019
NEXUS/ Student Exhibition/Falmouth University 2018
MA in Authorial Illustration/ Falmouth University/ 2018
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