OPTION 1 ​​​​​​​
This first option focused solely on the head of the god, keeping a symmetrical, minimalist design with a serene peaceful expression on his face. 
For the second option I incorporated the iconic symbolism of Hanuman carrying the Sanjeevani mountain, alluding to strength and heavylifting involved in construction. I portrayed Hanuman as a yogi to show an equal but opposing -strength in inner-peace.
For the third option I merged the text into the logo, using the O's in Shoora to depict the rounded upper upper-lip of the monkey god. I also gave the option of a sun-like outer circle, alluding to the myth of Hanuman swallowing the sun as a child.  
With feedback from the client I reworked on the preffered second option and replaced the yogi Hanuman with the more common, heavy-duty version holding a mace and kneeling on one knee. 
Once we finalized the logo I created a simple, minimal business card design as per the clients brief. 
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